Leighton and Carla

The Mango Hill Farm was the empty palate that gave freedom to creating the wedding of their dream. ‘The messier the better’ was the brief for the flowers and so a combination of flowers from the garden and flowers from the markets made up the mix of  colours, shapes and textures – some were soft and delicate,  some popped their colour,  some were round, some long, some fluffy and some – well just like silk… and we can’t forget to mention those little billy button balls that complimented the theme colour so well.  Far from the classic arrangements were the bouquets with their clipped – of course- uneven stems, the buckets – as if the flowers had just been picked from the garden and the orchids as if they were just growing as a natural plant on the corners of the boathouse with the pretty cosmos faces dotting the creeper twining around the frame. The ‘outside’ chapel  having a canvas of rich green was the perfect background for these wedding floral displays.